Interior design e decoration

I live and work between  London  and Turin (Italy). Working as an advertisement stage designer allowed her experiment with different materials to create ephemeral space and furnishings, an expertise later applied permanent space like private house, public place and stage.

A slow and progressive work through which Daniela Boni developed her personal style of ambient design-elegant, essential, minimal and at the same time open to suggestion and contaminations from art and music.

Her in depth knowledge of the materials renders her an inspired and inspiring design’artisan’.

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“HOT IRON”_ LABLOFTsign project The “HOT IRON” project, born from the cooperation between creative designer Daniela Boni and photographer Elisa Perotti or LabLoft sign, aims at conveying a sense of “balance” with photographic images inspiring beauty.   The contrast of hardness and lightness harmoniously coexists within the chosen materials. The lines intersect, collide and meet only to be released … Continue reading “HOT IRON”


photographer Gerry Di Fonzo Oltre la Dora, area Bohèmienne un po’ “decadente“ di Torino dove lo sviluppo industriale ha impresso tracce indelebili sul tessuto cittadino e dove diversi ex opifici e attività produttive si sono insediate senza soluzione di continuità tra una abitazione e l’altra, ha sede lo spazio espositivo WE MADE FOR LOVE. “contenitore“ ricavato … Continue reading MADE !……I LoVe MADE